Shareholders and the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

The Company’s shareholders exercise their membership rights, in particular their voting rights, at the Shareholders’ Meeting. Each share in Daimler AG entitles its owner to one vote. There are no multiple voting rights, preferred stock, or maximum voting rights. Documents and information relating to the Shareholders’ Meeting can be found on our website. The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is generally held within four months of the end of a financial year. The Company facilitates the personal exercise of the shareholders’ rights and proxy voting among other things by appointing proxies who are strictly bound by the shareholders’ voting instructions and who can be contacted also during the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. Absentee voting is also possible. It is possible to authorize the Daimler-appointed proxies and give them voting instructions or to cast absentee votes by using the so-called e-service for shareholders.

Among other matters, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting decides on the appropriation of distributable profits, the ratification of the actions of the members of the Board of Management and of the Supervisory Board, the election of the external auditors, the election of the members of the Supervisory Board representing the shareholders and the remuneration of the Supervisory Board. The Annual Meeting also makes other decisions, especially on amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, capital measures, and the approval of certain intercompany agreements. Shareholders can submit countermotions on resolutions proposed by the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board and, within the provisions of applicable law, can challenge resolutions passed by the Shareholders’ Meeting in a court of law.

The influence of the Shareholders’ Meeting on the management of the Company is limited by law, however. The Shareholders’ Meeting can only make management decisions if it is requested to do so by the Board of Management.

Deviating from the suggestions in Clause 2.3.4 of the German Corporate Governance Code, the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is not transmitted in its entirety on the Internet, but only until the end of the report by the Board of Management.

We maintain close contacts with our shareholders in the context of comprehensive investor relations and public relations. We regularly and comprehensively inform our shareholders, financial analysts, shareholder associations, the media and the interested public about the situation of the Group, and inform them without delay about any significant changes in its business.

In addition to other methods of communication, we also make intensive use of the Company’s website. All of the important information disclosed in 2013, including annual and interim reports, press releases, voting rights notifications from major shareholders, presentations and audio recordings of analyst and investor events and conference calls, and the financial calendar, can be found on our website. All the dates of important disclosures such as annual reports and interim reports and the date of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting are announced in advance in the financial calendar. The financial calendar can also be seen inside the rear cover of this annual report. Disclosures are made in English as well as in German.