Daimler strengthens customer focus

In order to implement the growth strategies in all divisions and to sharpen the focus on customers and markets, the Board of Management of Daimler AG decided in September 2013 to strengthen the organization of the divisions. Responsibility for the main sales functions and the important sales markets has been directly anchored in each division. At the same time, we have streamlined the cross-divisional functions at the country level. The functional Board of Management areas have been focused more on the requirements of the divisions. Following the successful start of product offensives for cars and commercial vehicles, the further development of our structures is now the next strategic step for the achievement of our growth targets. This is not primarily a matter of cost advantages, but of more direct customer relations and increased unit sales. Due to increasingly diverse customer needs, more and more importance is now placed on the ability to precisely meet customers’ needs in each individual market. With the new structure, Daimler is creating ideal conditions to do that.