Investment in property, plant and equipment

Renewed increase in investment. In the context of our global growth strategy, we want to make good use of the opportunities presented by international automotive markets. This requires substantial investment in new products and new technologies as well as in the expansion of our worldwide production network. In 2013, we therefore once again increased our investment in property, plant and equipment to €5.0 billion (2012: €4.8 billion) and thus reached the magnitude announced in Annual Report 2012. Of that capital expenditure, €3.2 billion was invested in Germany (2012: €3.3 billion). As of December 31, 2013, no material financial obligations exist in connection with future investment in property, plant and equipment.

C.29 Investment in property plant and equipment

At Mercedes-Benz Cars, investment in property, plant and equipment increased by 6% to €3.7 billion in 2013. The most important projects included the production of the new S-Class and preparations for the new C-Class, which will be produced in Bremen as well as Tuscaloosa (United States), Beijing (China) and East London (South Africa) as of 2014. We also made substantial investments in the modernization and expansion of transmission production in Untertürkheim and in the expansion of our production capacities in the United States. The main areas of investment at Daimler Trucks were for the Arocs (the new heavy-duty construction-site truck) as well as various projects for the global standardization of engines and other main components. We also invested in the expansion of our production capacities in Brazil and in the new BharatBenz plant in India. Total investment in property, plant and equipment at Daimler Trucks amounted to €0.8 billion (2012: €1.0 billion). At the Mercedes-Benz Vans division, the focus of investment was on the successor generation of the Vito goods van and the Viano passenger van. We also invested in the new generation of the Sprinter and the production of the Sprinter Classic by our partner GAZ in Russia. The main investments at Daimler Buses in 2013 were in new products and the modernization of production facilities.


Investment in property, plant and equipment by division
  2013 2012 13/12
In millions of euros     % change
Daimler Group 4,975 4,827 +3
in % of revenue 4.2 4.2  
Mercedes-Benz Cars 3,710 3,495 +6
in % of revenue 5.8 5.7  
Daimler Trucks 839 989 -15
in % of revenue 2.7 3.2  
Mercedes-Benz Vans 288 223 +29
in % of revenue 3.1 2.5  
Daimler Buses 76 82 -7
in % of revenue 1.9 2.1  
Daimler Financial Services 19 23 -17
in % of revenue 0.1 0.2  

In addition to capital expenditure on property, plant and equipment, we also invested substantial amounts in associates and joint ventures in 2013. Those investments include the acquisition of a 12% equity interest in our Chinese partner BAIC Motor and the investments in our Chinese joint ventures.

We also capitalized development costs of €1.3 billion in 2013 (2012: €1.5 billion); this is presented under intangible assets. (See Research and development)