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 A.03 Daimler share price (high/low), 2013 A.03 Daimler share price (high/low), 2013Daimler-AR2013_A.03_Daimler-share-price-high-low-2013.png 28.38 KB
A.04 Share price index A.04 Share price indexDaimler-AR2013_A.04_Share-price-index.png 44.71 KB
A.07 Shareholder structure (By type of sharehoder) A.07 Shareholder structure (By type of sharehoder)Daimler-AR2013_A.07_Shareholder-structure-groups.png 30.23 KB
A.08 Shareholder structure (By region) A.08 Shareholder structure (By region)Daimler-AR2013_A.08_Shareholder-structure-regions.png 31.17 KB
A.09 Target System A.09 Target SystemDaimler-AR2013_A.09_Taget-System.png 28.92 KB
A.10 Strategic Pillars of Growth A.10 Strategic Pillars of GrowthDaimler-AR2013_A.10_Strategic-growth.png 28.27 KB
A.11 Investment in property, plant and equipment 2014 - 2015 A.11 Investment in property, plant and equipment 2014 - 2015Daimler-AR2013_A.11_Investment-2014-2015.png 30.94 KB
A.13 Research and development 2014 - 2015 A.13 Research and development 2014 - 2015Daimler-AR2013_A.13_Research-and-development-2014-2015.png 27.32 KB
C.01 Consolidated revenue by division C.01 Consolidated revenue by divisionDaimler-AR2013_C.01_Consolidated-revenue-by-division.png 29.69 KB
C.02 Business Units C.02 Business UnitsDaimler-AR2013_C.02_Business-Units.png 66.56 KB
C.03 Calculation Value Added C.03 Calculation Value AddedDaimler-AR2013_C.03_Calculation-Value-Added.png 35.01 KB
C.05 Economic growth C.05 Economic growthDaimler-AR2013_C.05_Economic-growth.png 26.05 KB
C.06 Global automotive markets C.06 Global automotive marketsDaimler-AR2013_C.06_Global-automotive-markets.png 38.63 KB
C.07 Unit sales Mercedes Benz Cars C.07 Unit sales Mercedes Benz CarsDaimler-AR2013_C.07_Unit-sales-Mercedes-Benz-Cars.png 49.13 KB
C.08 Unit sales Daimler Trucks C.08 Unit sales Daimler TrucksDaimler-AR2013_C.08_Unit-sales-Daimler-Trucks.png 25.31 KB
C.10 Consolidated revenue by region C.10 Consolidated revenue by regionDaimler-AR2013_C.10_Consolidated-revenue-by-region.png 30.60 KB
C.13 Development earnings C.13 Development earningsDaimler-AR2013_C.13_Development-earnings.png 19.84 KB
C.15 Return on Sales C.15 Return on SalesDaimler-AR2013_C.15_Return-on-Sales.png 21.70 KB
C.16 Return on Equity C.16 Return on EquityDaimler-AR2013_C.16_Return-on-Equity.png 16.56 KB
C.19 Dividend per share C.19 Dividend per shareDaimler-AR2013_C.19_Dividend-per-share.png 15.86 KB
C.29 Investment in property plant and equipment C.29 Investment in property plant and equipmentDaimler-AR2013_C.29_Investment-in-property-plant-and-equipment.png 17.02 KB
C.35 Balance sheet structure Daimler Group C.35 Balance sheet structure Daimler GroupDaimler-AR2013_C.35_Balance-sheet-structure-Daimler-Group.png 35.78 KB
C.38 Research and development expenditure C.38 Research and development expenditureDaimler-AR2013_C.38_Research-and-development-expenditure.png 20.57 KB
C.40 Emission free mobility C.40 Emission free mobilityDaimler-AR2013_C.40_Emission-free-mobility.png 30.43 KB
C.41 All round visibility in the S-Class C.41 All round visibility in the S-ClassDaimler-AR2013_C.41_All-round-visibility-in-the-S-Class.png 45.85 KB
C.42 Average CO2 emissions C.42 Average CO2 emissionsDaimler-AR2013_C.42_MBC-Co2-emissions.png 19.88 KB
C.43 Employees by region C.43 Employees by regionDaimler-AR2013_C.43_Employees-by-region.png 26.84 KB
C.45 Donations and sponsorings 2013 C.45 Donations and sponsorings 2013Daimler-AR2013_C.45_Donations-and-sponsorings-2013.png 29.49 KB
E.01 Governance Structure E.01 Governance StructureDaimler-AR2013_E.01_Governance-Structure.png 42.51 KB