Our Ambition

We invented the automobile – and now we are passionately shaping its future. As automotive pioneers, we see it as both motivation and a duty to continue our tradition with groundbreaking technologies and superior products.

We do our very best for customers who expect the best, and we live and breathe a culture of operational excellence based on shared values. Our corporate history features numerous innovations and pioneering achievements; they are the foundation for our claim to leadership in the automotive industry.

At the same time, our thoughts and actions are guided by the principle of sustainable and safe mobility. With tailored products and services, we intend to enter new markets and attract additional groups of customers. Our goal is to lead our industry in terms of unit sales, revenue and profitability – and to do so in all the businesses in which we are active. In this way, we want to create lasting added value – for our shareholders, customers and employees, and for society in general.

It`s because of you. Corporate Movie 2014